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Travelling soon? Pack smarter and lighter, with our Formula to Fashion Success.

How can I book an appointment?

Our Travel Packing Services start at $315 + tax for 90 minutes. You can book an appointment with any of our stylists in store, in home or virtually.

You can book a private styling appointment in any of the following locations:

• The Greater Toronto Area

• London & Middlesex County

• Virtually

A travel fee will apply for any addresses outside of a 20km radius from our store locations.


"I travel all around the world, often at short notice and I always do 'carry on only', which means everything I take has to work together; from official events, to formal dinners, to the need for fashionable comfort on long-haul flights. I always find what I need at Hangar9, and moreover people whose advice I completely trust for choosing pieces that are right for me. The concept of 9 pieces leading to 36 outfits is perfect for me and my lifestyle. Plus, I love having a wardrobe that looks like no one else's. My friends and colleagues always remark favourably on my clothes."

- Kate Langdon

Have questions? We've got answers

You can use our booking portal to select the service, location, stylist and time of your choice.

It is up to you how we complete your Travel Packing appointment. While we suggest an in-home Travel Packing appointment, so we can do the organizing for you and get an idea of what items you have to pack, we also offer this service virtually. Alternatively, if you would like to focus on packing specific items, we offer in-store Travel Packing appointments in our private studios.

We offer in-home services to clients within Toronto & London; if you are located outside of these limits, there may be a surcharge for a extra distance, which you will be notified of before your appointment.

We'd love to help you check this off your pre-travel list as soon as possible, however we recommend at least 1 week ahead of time, as long as you have your travel itinerary. This allows us enough time to help you organize what you have, alter any pieces you'd like to take with you and identify any great add-ons before you go.

We will pack whatever and however you want, the goal of your Travel Packing appointment is to help you plan a wardrobe for your trip, whatever that may be.

• Make sure you know the events on your itinerary so we know what you might need on your trip.

• Set aside a few key pieces you may like to bring with you.

• Confirm any baggage requirements for all flights.

• If you have any inspiration ideas, be sure to share with us!

• Come with an open-mind, our stylists are professionally trained to style your wardrobe, often pieces you never think of will look great together!

In-Home: Our stylists will bring a portable rolling rack with them to help organize, find a clear space that will work in your home for us to work together.

Of course not! The concept of a Travel Packing appointment is to help you style what you already own and pack it tight. We will work to find new ways to style your most loved pieces. Of course we will be happy to suggest pieces that would work well in your travel capsule and identify key staples that will pull your looks together, but there is no need to buy new pieces during your Travel Packing appointment.

Hangar9’s service offerings range from:

Personal Shopping

Closet Edits

Travel Packing

Seasonal Trunk Shows

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