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How can I book an appointment?

Our Closet Editing services start at $315 + tax. You can book a 90 minute appointment with any of our stylists for a Closet Edit in home, in store or virtually.

You can book a Closet Editing appointment in any of the following locations:

• The Greater Toronto Area

• London & Middlesex County

• Virtually

A travel fee will apply for any addresses outside of a 20km radius from our store locations.


Your professional stylist will work with you to build a wardrobe based on what you already own, help refresh some of your favourite pieces and find the right pieces to build complete looks. You will receive:

• A customized Clothing Action Plan

• A personalized Style Guide (with photos)

• A solution for dressing in 3 minutes or less

• A more sustainable wardrobe

• A decluttered life & a boost of confidence


"A one stop shop for your wardrobe cleanse and personal style update... Started with a closet edit: purchase of some classic basics to "lift" my overall wardrobe - now I add various pieces to update each season. I appreciate that anyone on the team can assist; they keep track of what I own and will provide honest feedback about the look/fit of a piece."

- Jane C

Have questions? We've got answers

You can use our booking portal to select the service, location, stylist and time of your choice.

It is up to you how we complete your Closet Edit. While we suggest an in-home Closet Edit, so we can do the heavy lifting and re-organizing for you, we also offer this service virtually. Alternatively, if you would like to focus on styling specific items, we offer in-store Closet Editing appointments in our private studios.

We offer in-home services to clients within Toronto & London; if you are located outside of these limits, there may be a surcharge for an extra distance, which you will be notified of before your appointment.

After your first Closet Edit, we believe the perfect balance is every 6 months; we recommend once in the Spring and Fall. This gives you enough time to experiment and explore your new wardrobe after your first edit, and ensures we are able to find all the best wardrobe combinations with any new pieces you have added. It also ensures maximum efficiency for your time and closet!

This all depends on your goals of the edit, which your stylist will review at the beginning of your appointment.

We recommend you pick focus areas for the season and start here. We will work quickly to get through everything, but just as every closet is unique, your edit will be the same depending on your goals.

If you would like to extend your Closet Edit past 90 minutes, we charge the same rate ($315 per 90 minutes) only by the minute; so you only invest in the time spent.

• Identify any items you are having trouble building outfits with that you would like to wear, we'll start here.

• Identify any items you think are taking up too much space, we'll find new ways to store these.

• Come with an open-mind, our stylists are professionally trained to style your wardrobe, often pieces you never think of will look great together!

In-Home: Our stylists will bring a portable rolling rack with them to help organize, find a clear space that will work in your home for us to work together

Need more tips for closet editing? Download our Girlfriend's Guide to Closet Editing.

No way, a Closet Edit is a judgement-free zone! We want you to feel comfortable with all wardrobe choices and work together to build new outfits. We understand everyone has a few pieces that hold a special place in their closet, we will work to find at least 3 new ways to wear your most-loved pieces.

Of course not! The concept of a Closet Edit is to help you wear what you love and what you already own. We will work to find new ways to style your most loved pieces. Of course we will be happy to suggest pieces that would work well in your wardrobe and identify key staples that will pull your closet together, but there is no need to buy new pieces during your closet edit.

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