NEST Fragrances Hand Lotion, Cedar Leaf & Lavender


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Create a serene spa-like experience with this scent featuring an herbaceous blend of rosemary, lavender, and sage enhanced with cedar leaves.
Fragrance Family: Fresh
Scent Type: Fresh
Aromatic Key Notes: Rosemary, lavender, and sage enhanced with cedar leaves Mood: Escape
Measures 6.5" H x 2.125" L x 2.125 W 300 ml | 10 fl oz. Approximate pumps per bottle: 600

“The right fragrance can lift your spirits, calm your senses or set the tone for your day.” - Laura Slatkin, Founder NEST Fragrances As a pioneer and driving force in the home fragrance industry since the 1992 launch of Slatkin & Co., the first American luxury home fragrance brand, Laura’s reputation is unparalleled. In addition to creating her own brands, Laura has created home fragrance collections for over 100 luxury labels. Recognized by the fragrance industry as a gamechanger, artfully blending notes of the familiar, the exotic, and the unexpected for a fragrance experience like no other.

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