Moving On. Moving Out. Moving Up!

Big moves are afoot at Hangar9 London!

Jo-Ann Fisher, our founder and leader (and Mom!) has announced her decision to move on. But wait – there’s more!

In the New Year, Jo-Ann will officially pass the torch for Hangar9 London to the family’s next generation. As part of that move, we’re relocating and creating a beautiful new fashion centre at 620 Richmond Street. 

A new site, new beginning

Plans for a Hangar9 London gallery are already in place, now under construction on Richmond Street (near Central Avenue). Just a short walk up toward Central Street from the current Hangar9 London and Accents stores.

Hangar9 London and Accents will continue to bring the area’s finest collection of personally curated designer lines.

The neighbourhood surrounding our site near Richmond & Central is emerging as London’s newest and brightest shopping nexus. As Jo-Ann said: “All the wonderful clients who have enjoyed our service over these many years should feel excited about this new beginning. I certainly am! And, if you thought I was going to just fade into the background, that won’t be the case! You know that is not my style. I will still be there when you need me and helping out Lisa and her team when they call.”

Watch this space for more updates on our big move.

PS: YES! There will be a sale!

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